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Zine: The Bike Nerd


Meet: Henry Alford’s ‘How To Live’

In 'How To Live', Alford shows you the lives of various 80-somethings from all over the country. But, the best stories are lessons Alford learned right at home. The main lesson being his mother’s divorce at 79 years old. This is a must-read, whether you enjoy reading about aging or not.


meet: Dan Zettwoch’s ‘Tel Tales #1’

I picked up this tiny gem from Jim Hanley’s Universe a couple weeks ago. This comic was a son and dad project. I really love all the details and cover work. Everything about this comic gives the reader an experience.


meet: Joyce McGreevy’s ‘Gardening By Heart’

Whether you’ve never watered a plant in your life or whether you were raised on a farm, this book is a MUST read. I seriously laughed and cried the whole way. Joyce shares her life experiences in relation to growing seeds, but it’s never just about the seeds. It’s about enriching our lives by simply getting in touch with nature.


meet: Cavities Comix

I picked this up at Jim Hanley’s Universe when I was home for Thanksgiving. I could not get over the wall paper cover and that a paper clip held it all together!

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